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Personalised Medical is a small family business with an equally small but dedicated team of individuals who are passionate about making a positive difference in people's lives.

We offer stylish, fun, and hard-wearing medical alert jewellery that adults, children, and teens can wear every day to feel more secure and worry less. With some more discreet designs in our ranges it also means that it doesn't have to "scream out" that it's medical jewellery.

What started for us with a range of silicone bands turned into a broader range of over 50 styles of jewellery including bracelets, bangles, bands, necklaces, dog tags, rings and accessories like keyrings, personalised medical cards and card holders.

In the lovely market town of Cirencester, we have a fantastic studio and warehouse space that is fully accessible and has a lift for local collections.

All our medical jewellery and accessories are personalised with state of the art and British made laser engraving machinery and we offer a fast same-day dispatch service if ordered before 2pm.

We are constantly evolving and love both hearing from and working with our customers to help bring better and more intuitive products into our ranges. Want to find out more? You can message us by email or find us on social media where we'd always love to share your stories, reviews and offer any advice or tips!